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Tamil words that starts with ‘Aa..’

October 23, 2010

In Tamil the sound “a/அ” means “visible”/ “Known” /”The one here” but in this article we will see about the sound, “Aa” which is the opposite of “a”.

“ஆ” என்றால்   “அறிய முடியாதது /அறியாதது அதனால் மதிப்பில் உயர்ந்தது”. Aa Means “Hidden/Not here/invisible/Unknown/immeasurable/ highly valuable”

Lets see  some words that has  “Aa”  so that we will get a clear idea, use the above meanings of unknown/immeasurable/invaluable for the aa sound and get the real meaning.

Aathi -Hidden/Unknown+Condition

Aadavan -Young Man- (Aa+da=One who moves out )

Aan: Male – Aa+n(One who goes unknown/faraway places for seeking)

Aandavan -God:  Aa+n+da+van)=

Aadu: Goat (Aa+du= Moves out faraway and comes back)

Aadal: Dance (Making unknown movements)

Aakku – Create,

Aatral : Power

Aamai – Tortoise, (Aa+ma= Hidden + occupied in place)

Aanthai – owl

Aasiriyar -Who clears hidden things – Teacher.

Aalam – In depth, Aa+lam (place in the bottom)

Aala Maram: Banyan Tree.

Aazli – Ocean,

Aar : Unknown where its.

AaRu : To Heal / To disappear

Aaru – River (Aa+ru= unknown + where it comes from) – “River starts from a place unknown and comes to our place”.

Aarirul – A darkness that hides everything.

Aaruyir: A Life that we don’t know where it is.

Aaram : Garland  AA+ram – Unknown + where (The shape is  ciruclar  and so with an unknown starting point. so its called as Aaram.)

Aani – Nail

Aandu – Year

Now we can easily find out the relation between the above words that starts with the prefix “Aa” denoting something that which is unknown: invisible,  Not here, or Hidden .

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