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Tamil words having “San” “Chan” “ChErn” meaning unite, multiple

October 27, 2010

“San or Chan”,  in Tamil denotes somethings that exist in groups/multiples, many meaning united, some claim this to be of  Sanskrit origin,  We will see the many words claimed to be of Sanskrit origin that has “San” are actually also in  Tamil and “San” and  “Sa” came from the root sound  “ச்” + “அ”  or “Cha” meaning  joined with. in Tamil.

We will see the list of words containing “San” in Tamil.

Chamai -Chamaiyal – Cooking (Cherthu+Amai)  Unite and Make.

Sangili – Chain (Chernth+Killi) means United for Pull.   Killu,Killi,Kilar,Kilangu,Kilai, etc. are related  to the word Killi” that means “Pull out” in Tamil or “Separating out” also “ilu” means Pull. Chains are used for drawing  out of well.

Santhi – Meeting point of two or more words, street, lines etc…(Chernthiuppathu Santhi),”thi” here is for the condition.

Santhippu – Meeting.   “Chatukkam” for meeting place.

Sanam – United People

Chakkaram – Chakra/Wheel –  Cher+Karam means Multiple Hands, United Hands.

Sathi: Cher+Thi – Unite with fire

Sangam – Group – San+Akam – Unite+inside, Cherntha+Akam

Santhiran – Moon – சேர்+தரு/திறன் – Chern+Tharu/Thiran, ( Unite and Give)

Sannadi – San+adi (Many / Uniting  under)  means next generation

Sanmukan – One who has multiple facets

Sankaran – One who can do multiple things. (ChernthaKarathaan – Sivan) United Hands.

Santham – Rythm

Sannidhi – Great wealth or God’s wealth

Sanmathi – Unitedly Intelligence.

Sanal – (Cherthal)  multiple threads, Fibres.

Sanam – Cha+nam= United people.

TharuSanam – Tharu+Sanam (to  get in front of people or many people) Tharu in Tamil means to get or come before. In Sanskrit is is Darsan again went from Tamil.

Santhu – Passage in between two street or houses,

Santhai – Group of shops, Market, Cherntha+thai – Unitedly +it has.

Sanku -( San+Ku)  is “Call for uniting” refers to the shell thats used for making sounds thats used for alerting or calling people. Ku is for kural(voice).

Sandai – Fight. (unite and fight,  Idai(njal)

Sankadam – Serntha+Kadam,  Kadam  came from Kadinam, Kadu, Kada all meaning hard tasks, so Sankadam  means Many problems at once.

This word prefix “Chan”, came from the root word “Chernth” meaning Unity, for example the word Sangam is combination of two words.. Cher+Akam meaning United+ Inside referring an Assembly. similarly the other words above,

Sarkarai: Sugar, United+Get/take.


I will end up with this Kural

IrulCher IruVinayum Chera Iraivan PorulCher, PugalPurinthaar Maattu.

(One who (பொருள் சேர்) learns/understands the true meaning of God Who do not belongs to the two extremes that brings darkness, will only be called as a true achiever)

The two extremes could be “Kedu” – Suffering/Loosing everything and “Perukkam” – Having/Gaining too much without considering others.

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