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Tamil words that has “Paa” Add up with, hidden/unknown.

October 30, 2010

பா என்பது ப்+ஆ = பல இருப்பது மேலும்  + மறைவாக (more within hidden)
Another interesting sound that is commonly used in Tamil is “Paa” meaning, “More with Hidden”

ப/Pa= “More with/Repeatedly adding up”. It comes in words to mean something which is available more,

Aa/ஆ = hidden/unknown.

Let us see some words…

Paal – Milk. (More within a  place, hidden)

Paanai– Paa+nai , (pot) Mud utensil to store water. (storing more inside)

Paar: To watch/ Over see

பா+ர் : பல இருப்பதை மறைவாக + கொண்டு சேர்ப்பது

Paadai,Paadam: Complete covered, fully covered.

Paambu: Snake, (more with,  hiding in a place inside )

Paattu : பாட்டு – Song

Paai : Mat:  Spread away, Normally mats are kept folded and then spread, “comes out after being hidden”.

Paaimaram: Sail boat, Wind driven boat.

Paainthu – To flow from a place.

Paatthi: A small place where seeds are sown.

Paatti, Old woman, Paattan:Great gandfather (One who knows more but hidden within/well experienced)

Paasi – Fungus formation

Paarai – Rocks  (More hidden inside)  for ex. Pavala Parai(Multiple+Grown+Rocks) meaning the Coral.

Paalh – A place in a hidden/unusable state,

Paakku: Betel Nut, (Take from inside)

Paavaadai: பாவாடை: Women Dress

Paavalan – Seafarer (One who go away hidden in the seas)

Paakkam: Paa+akam ( A remote place or place with many trees)

Paalai: Desert like land

Paathu kaappu:Safe Guarding by keeping hidden.

Paasam: Affection : Paa+sam – More hidden inside+ United in a place.


பரியினும் ஆகாவாம் பாலல்ல, உய்த்துச்
சொரியினும் போகா தம.

பாலல்ல – That which cannot be (stored inside, hidden inside).

Kural meaning:

We cant keep something  that doesn’t belong to us.

You cant throw out something that is destined for you.


If you have some doubts please comment.


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