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Tamil Dynasties and Kings

November 4, 2010

The Tamil Kingdoms or the Dynasties those ruled the Tamil country and their names as follows,

Chera (300 BC – AD 250 )

The early Cheras ruled the western part of the Tamil country including Kerala, Kongu Nadu, Salem and Dharmapuri,

The word Cheran in Tamil Che+ra =  “A place higher/inaccessible to reach.” often denoting higher mountains or it refers to the Greatness/Highness of the Kings.

ச+ஏ + ர

There are not much recorded historical source available for the early Cheras,

The names of these Chera kings are in Tamil.


Pandyans were one of  the great Tamil kings who ruled Tamil Nadu from ancient times, their flag has the “Fish” as the symbol and in their time the Tamils traded with distant continents travelling by sea.

Pandyans mostly ruled the south of the Tamil country and in some period occupied most of the Tamil country, They traded with distant countries, even with the Romans and also were  good seafarers

The religion practiced by people in this period is, Hinduism, Jainism and  Buddhism.

As per my current understanding, the word Paandiya could mean “one who do not differentiate people” the refers to the land where everyone is equal. Uniform through out.

Kalapraas –Kalaparan in Tamil could mean “Ship riders or  Mixed race”  their time Buddhism flourished in the Tamil country and at some point of time they controlled most of the existing Tamil kingdoms. This is the period when Buddhism spread to Srilanka.

They are Tamil kings who ruled mostly the northern part of the Tamil country in the period around 200Ad to 600 Ad , before the kingdoms of Pallavas arising from them.


After the Kalabras, The Tamil countries saw a huge influence of new organised faiths coming from distant places with the support of rulers, There was also a dramatic change in Tamil language with the influence of languages from the North like Prakrit etc. Pallavar means one who belongs to the plains or the name if its Vallavar  it means “Strong and Talented


The end of the Pallavas saw the rise of  the Cholas, the word Chola,

(ச் + ஒ + ழ =சேர்ந்த+பிரிந்த+இடம்)

I think  it refers to

The nature of the kingdom, capturing or uniting different other smaller countries under one control, or

The one who can/in the process of  capturing others,


Under  The Cholas expanded their kingdom and was one of the larger kingdoms of India in that period of history, They fought with the Pandyas, the Srilankans, the Chalukya kingdoms and installed their subordinates, they even controlled some parts of the south east Asia.


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