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Tamil words Thira Thiru meaning.

December 1, 2010

திற, திறம்,திறன், திரை, திரு, திரள், திரட்டு…..

Let us see some words that starts with “Thir” in Tamil.

splitting up.

Thi/தி = த்+இ = வைத்திருப்பது/தன்மை + விட்டு விடாமல் = மாறா தன்மை (state/property/condition)

ற – கொண்டு செல்வது (verb), Taking  away.
ர – கொண்டு வருவது, Bringing in.

திற = மாறா தன்மை + கொண்டு செல்வது (open),

திறம்/Thiram: Capacity, What comes out of one, The revealing Property

This comes from the word Thira(To Open)

திறன் / Thiran : Capability (Similar to the one above)

Now we will see some words that has this ர.

திரு = மாறா தன்மை + கொண்டு வருவது , மாறா தன்மையோடு இருப்பது, Brings in stability.

So Thiru in Tamil means, Wealth, God and things that are Stable, Thrive etc… Thiru  used as prefix to God names, Holy places, Rivers etc.

Kural : இனத்தாற்றி எண்ணாத வேந்தன் சினத்தாற்றிச்

சீறிற் சிறுகும் திரு.

The King or Government which doesn’t care about its own people, will face people’s anger and result lose of stability.

Lets see some more words to get the clear understanding of this sound…

திருந்து : To Correct Itself, Transform(note that Trans the English word’s  similarity),

Thiru is stability or Good state, so  Thirunthu is to correct oneself to that state.

திரி/Thiri : (Change) here the ‘இ’ sound at end shows the lack of stability, the CHANGE in ITS PROPERTY

தயிர் திரிந்தது is the best example.

Thirudu: Thira+Edu : Open and take, the act of stealing , “Thirudan” is a thief, one  who takes off the wealth/Stability, Its a later formed word.

Thirai: Screen.

In old Tamil it refers the waves, wrinkles so I think it refers to those that are constantly changing, Not so stable,

உளரென்னும் மாத்திரையர் அல்லால் பயவாக்,களரனையர் கல்லா தவர்.

We can say many waves of people are_there[உளரென்னும் மாத்திரையர்],

They are not usefull for anything else. [அல்லால் பயவாக்]

as we can get little from unlearned people. [களரனையர் கல்லா தவர்].

The unlearned people even if we have them in large numbers, they are useless and also cause harm to the purpose.

The Moral is we need to get people with proper training and skills for any job,

Thirukku: Tighten up, not to open easily. Thirukaani means the screw.

Silapathkaram :

Thirai viri tharu Thuraiye,  (The entrance we see the waves spreading )

Thiru Manal viri idame, (The place full of sands spread, here the “Thiru” is for the plenty of sand available in that place)

Virai viri naru malare, (The swiftly spreading fragrances of the flower)

Midai tharum polil idame, (The place that gives the peace of mind)

Maru viri puri kulale, (Repeating soft sounds of the flute)

Mathi purai thiru mukame,(The beauty of the face with the moon behind)

Iru kayal inai viliye, (The two small fish like eyes)

Enai idar seithavaye, (All of those seduced me)

🙂 🙂

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