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Karka Kasadara, The Tamil word Kal and its meaning.

January 17, 2011

கற்க கசடற(To Learn thoroughly/Clearly, it can also be taken as learning to shun bad)

We will see some interesting words related to Tamil sounds Ka, Kal,  Kar, Kai etc. all meaning “Get/Gain/Know-கிடைப்பது“, lets see some of the related words  with  meanings,

Kalvi: Leaning, [From which we get/gain(ka) about a place(l)]

Karuthu : Inner Meaning, the message.

Karai : Melt out

Kara: Extract.

What we get+Taking to கிடைப்பது + கொண்டு செல்வது

Kai, Karam: Hand – to take.

Karam=Ka+aram is doing the task of Take+Give which is the hand.

Karuppu: Black, Ka+Ru – What we gets + Taking to inside. (the darkness which will not allow us to get)

Kalavu: Theft: Take things without others notice. Kalvan is Thief.

Kalam: A place inside where we can take. for ex. Nerkalam,

Kalappai: Plough:

That takes the soil out. -எடுப்பது + இருப்பது

Kal: Stone (Ka+L= Gain + a Place) that which is hard/stable surface.

Kali: Clayey:  Kal+il = That which cannot be taken easily,

Kalli: A shrub that is poisonous = [That which should not be taken at all.]

Kalai : Take out, Weeds, Worn out

Kalani: Kalaintha+Nir : A liquid drink fed to cows, This is the left over water thats used for cleaning rice before cooking.

Kaluthai: Donkey  (Ka+lu+thai= Gain+ From a place  Inside+Keep with its possession) Named because of its used for pulling things kept on it.

Kalugu: Eagle (Ka+lu+gu= Eat by pulling the flesh)

Karunai: Compassion [karu+anai=Taking+in+storing means taking something/someone into heart]

Karpanai: Dream: Kar+panai=Taking+what we have in. Panai means “many stored in”

Kaluthu: Neck( That takes things to the stomach)

Kari: (Ka+ri) ( [Example, Elephant ] Ka+ri [Gain+Take to inside] [Great one-That can’t be gained]

kural 25.

ஐந்தவித்தான் ஆற்றல் அகல்விசும்பு ளார்கோமான்,இந்திரனே சாலுங் கரி.

(Ainthai  Avilthaan Aatral, Akanda Vaanathil ulla KoMaan Inthirane Saalum Kari.)

Simply means, The power of one who abstains from the 5 precepts,  which the Indhiran(Indhra) who rules the wider sky(heaven) wants to gain.

Kural: 245

அல்லல் அருளாள்வார்க்கு இல்லை வளிவழங்கும்
 மல்லன்மா ஞாலங் கரி.

Meaning: Emptiness/Paucity is not there for a graceful person,
like The wind_giver Mallan's worldly knowledge that is great and difficult to gain..

Here a graceful person is compared with the wind/air which has no space restrictions in this world.
The word "Mallan"  in Tamil itself means one who can occupy any place.

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