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Tamil sound “Ne” meaning Nearness or Attracting

January 30, 2011

Analyzing the words that starts with “Ne”, we are able to find that it comes in words to mean “Move Near” or “Attractive”

Lets see the actual words with meanings to understand this clearly.

Nel: Paddy, [That which everyone go near, Ne+l – surface attracted to everyone-Paddy field ]

Nelli: Gooseberry, [This should be splitted as Ne+lil – [ which repels us, Surface that is difficult to go near,due to its spines]

Nedu: Lengthy [Ne+du =  Near+ Out] means That which comes near from far out..(NedunKadal= Long Sea)

Nedi: Unpleasant smell [Nerunga Mudiyaathathu, Difficult to go near.]

Neru: Near[“Nerungu” means Go near, “Nerukku”:To push and stick with another, Nerukkam means close by]

Neri: Ethics ( “Ne+ari”) To know which things to go near, and which things we need to keep away from.

Lets see one of the pearls in Kural 356,

கற்றீண்டு(Knowledge given) மெய்ப்பொருள்(true meaning) கண்டார் தலைப்படுவர்(accept)
மற்றீண்டு(Others giving) வாரா(not come) நெறி(ethics).

"The one who learns true meanings using their knowledge,
will accept that, ethics(Good conduct) will not come
if forced by others."

Nenjam: In heart: In Possession [ Taking close to heart]

Kural: 115

கேடும் பெருக்கமும் இல்லல்ல நெஞ்சத்துக்  கோடாமை[Not Crossing]
சான்றோர்க் கணி.
கேடும்[Misery] பெருக்கமும்[Bounty] இல்லல்ல[Not allowing] நெஞ்சத்துக்[one's self]
கோடாமை[Not crossing the limit] சான்றோர்க்[Good people's] கணி[beauty].

The beauty of the good people is that they Know the evils of Misery and Bounty
keep these two away from their self and never cross the limits.

Nedil: Long Sounds [Not near]

Nei: Ghee,Oil [That which we can Take Near and Usefull]

Neli:A surface thats not attractive , Normally referring to the surface of damaged metal surface,  also The snakes or worms zig zag movement.

Netri: Forehead [A  part in human body thats not /least attracted to others.]

Netti: Waste coconut outer fibrous shell [One which is not attractive.]

Neruppu: Fire[Neru+Appu means One which prevent going near]

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