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Tamil sound “Thai” and its meaning

February 10, 2011

‘தை என்பது த் + ஐ = தருவது + பிடித்து தன்னுடன் வைத்திருப்பது

Thai : “Gives which it Caught and kept with”

ThanThai: Father. Than+Thai – “One who controls us”,

NathThai: Snails:  having and keeping within it.

Katthai: Bunch,

Paathai:  Paath: “Paa’vai tharuvathu” “Paa” means flow in Tamil, so “Pathai” is flow+control= the way.

Kathai:Story:  Ka+Thai = “ We can take and  the message that it keeps and gives”

Vithai: Seed: “Vi+thai = Leaves out + Keeping inside which it gives.

KOthai: Ko means the king, so “Kothai” means the Kings mother.

Atthai: Mother In law, A+Thai, Close by + having whom she gives.

Santhai: Market: Chernthu+Tharuvathu = Unitedly+Keeping inside which it gives = A group of shops we can get things.

POthai: PO+THaruvathu =Go  Out + Keeping inside which it gives.

Thai: Month Name.. auspicious month with Pongal (Harvest festival) celebrated in this month. “Keeping inside which it gives.”

Pethai: Innocent.

Manthai: Herd/Group of cattle kept in a place: Literally Ma +n+Thai means  “In a place + having +Keeping inside after which it gives“. refers to the herd.

Kural: 378 துறப்பார்மன் துப்புர வில்லார்,
உறற்பால(flows in) ஊட்டா கழியு(shuns wastes) மெனின்.
One who abstains(monks) is not clean in heart,
if when he shuns and wastes those which comes in destined for him.

Vathai: :Torture Van+Thai (Harsh) Vanmai in Tamil means harsh,hard etc.

ThEvathai: Angel (It can be ThE+va+Thai (One who is keeping things  and gives when we are looking for it)

Kaluthai: Donkey (Kalu+Thai, take things from it + Keeping in it after which it gives) Donkey’s are used to transport goods.

[the sound “kalu” in Tamil means “take things from it” comes from the root “kai, kal/r” , as we can see in other words for Eagle(Kalugu) which takes out its pray , Neck(Kalutthu) the part of body that takes food to stomach, Clean(kaluvu) taking out dirt]

Suthai: su+thai = Join inside + Keeping with which it gives

Kural:714 ஒளியார்முன்  ஒள்ளிய ராதல் வெளியார்முன்,
வான்சுதை வண்ணம் கொளல்.
One should limit oneself when discussing with ignorant people.
But when discussing with intelligent people,
they should show their true capacity like the sky's rainbow.

Here "VaanSuthai vannam" means : வானத்தில் மறைந்திருக்கும் வானவில் வண்ணம் போல்

More ‘thais‘ are coming, until then Happy Thai Pongal.

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