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Tamil Sound “Thi” meaning the “State” or “Condition”

February 23, 2011

தி-State, Condition, Property of something. (நிலை)

Lets analyse this sound and will get the meaning of this sound or Letter “Thi” – தி

Thira:  Open

திற, Thira splitted as Thi+Ra is State+ Giving, a state in which it gives, meaning in an opened state.

Thisai: Direction

Thi+sai is State + uniting,  The way in which we need to move and join, meaning the direction.

Thinai: Property Inside. Invisible Property, Minute, Small.

Thi+nai the  means  “property not visible”

Thinmai: Property/Condition

Thilai: Withstand

Thi+lai Condition of stability

Thikai: Astonished state,

தி + கை Literally  is  condition + of Getting, for ex. Kaarthikai is Kaar(support)+ Thikai (Condition of getting.) so it refers to the period of great support, that is the rainy month.

Thirai: A place/Object holding certain things, Covering things.

Thirai literally means “in The state of holding things for giving”

Thiri: Changed

That which will change, That which is transforming.

Thiru:Thi+ru=  Condition +Available more

In Condition of  great availability.

Thiram: Capacity to give, refers to a Opened storage place.


Thinnam: Size.

Thidam: Strong.

Thimiru: Arrogant

Thirupathi: Thiru+Pathi = In wealthy keeping state.  திரு வைத்திருக்கும் நிலை

Kural 179:

அறனறிந்து வெஃகா(not wasting) அறிவுடையார்ச்(intelligent) சேரும்(join)
திறன்அறிந்_தாங்கே(capacity to know) திரு(Wealth).
Wealth has the capacity to know and reach the intelligent people
who knows the goodness of not wasting it.
[Note: In other translations of Kural the word "வெஃகா" is translated as "not coveting"]

Kural 144:

எனைத்துணையர் ஆயினும் என்னாம் தினைத்துணையும்  தேரான் பிறனில் புகல்.
However good be the relationship/friendship, It will do little help and disappear,
when if one looks to interfere into other person's private life.

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