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Tamil sounds “Ma na” meaning

February 26, 2011

Lets see some words with this important sound in Tamil. “Man”

The sound “Ma” means “retain in a placeand “Na” means  receive/sense, 


Manam: Mind

Ma+Nam (retain in Place+ sense) denotes the memory keeping.

Manithan: Man

One who has the mind. Literally One who is with mind/manam

Mann/Manal: Sand

Absorbing capacity

Mannan: King

MaNam: Smell

Mannum: Controlling places.

Mani: Bell

Mani: With beads

Rolling not fixed in a place.

Manni: Forgive

Not keeping in memory.

Manthai: Herd

In control

Manai: House/ Land

Retain/staying in a place, compared to nomad life style.

Manram: Assembly /

Manjam: Bed Spread/sleeping place

Manjal: Turmeric/ Yellow color

Dyeing/absorbing feature.



மனத்துக்கண் மாசிலன் ஆதல் அனைத்து அறன்ஆகுல நீர பிற.
If the mind becomes pure, Then every other thing
will become good automatically.

Kural: 556

மன்னர்க்கு மன்னுதல் செங்கோன்மை அஃதின்றேல் மன்னாவாம் மன்னர்க் கொளி. Mannarkku mannuthal senkonmai akthinrel mannaavaam mannarkoli. For a king, Controlling places (மன்னுதல்) is a topmost duty,if not done, his fame will not be in place for ever.(மன்னாவாம்)

Kural 820: எனைத்தும் குறுகுதல் ஓம்பல் மனைக்கெழீஇ  

மன்றில்(in surrounding) பழிப்பார் தொடர்பு. In Whatever means we should try to limit a person’s contact, who act reliable, when we are with him, but blames us after going out.

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