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KO in Tamil means

March 9, 2011

Lets see this sound in Tamil.

கோ – க் + ஓ =K+O=Gain + Separated. (knowing/Taking from a distant place) .

or Gaining something which is at a distant/separated.

This sound ( க் + ஓ) can refer to something

* Which is at a higher point,

* Can be seen from a distant,

* Gain from a distant place,

* Separate and Take,

* Which is unique or different from others.

Now let us see some words that starts with “Ko”.

KOmaan: The ruler/King/Commander. (One who controls from a higher/distant place or one who is unique.

KOdari: Axe = Kod+Ari – Take to particular point+Cut (மேலே உயர்த்தி அரிதல்) or cut from distant.

கோல்:KOl:  Kings Rule, Stick

கோள்:KOl: (A great visibile characteristic)  Receive from outside, See from distant, Know about distant things.

KOli: Hen (Not fly away/top)

KOdi: Crore. (10 million), The known end.

KOdu: Line (That which is used for separating)

KOlai: Timid. (One who keeps/contains himself at a distance)

KOrai: Tall grass

KOttai: Fort which is seen from distant place.

KOttu: கோட்டு : Horns

KOvil: Temple

KOpuram: Temple Tower (visible from a distance)

KOrthu: Tie with a long thread,  Threading a needle.


Kural 119: (One of the great Kural)

சொற்கோட்டம்  இல்லது செப்பம்(Balanced) ஒருதலையா
உட்கோட்டம் இன்மை பெறின்.
Our Words will not go down one sided and will be neutral(balanced)
 if when our mind goes without any favor or partiality.

From this Kural, we can see Thiruvalluvar says,

One can speak justice only when mind is free from any favoritism.

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  1. SATHISH permalink


    • கோ என்பது (க்+ஓ)
      க், க – எனும் ஒலி எடுத்தல் என பொருள் தரும், ( கை, கண்,கரம்,களை,கள்ளன்,கல்,கல்வி etc..) போன்ற சொற்கள் நல்ல உதாரணங்கள்.
      ஓ – எனும் ஒலி பிரிந்து இருத்தல் எனும் பொருள் தரும். ஓலை, ஓடு, ஓசை, ஓம், இன்னும் பல சொற்கள்.

      இதை இணைத்தால் கோ என்பது, “பிரிந்து இருந்து + கிடைத்தல்” எனும் பொருள் தரும்.

      அரசன் என்பவன் தனித்தன்மை பொருந்தி உயர்ந்து இருப்பவன்,இறைவனும் அவ்வாறே, இதனால் இவர்களுக்கு “கோ” என்ற பெயர் பொருந்தும். think about Sanskrit KOpuram(can be gained from distance) and Tamil KOl(stick)(used to gain from distance)

      I think you got it. Thank you for commenting.

  2. Velmurugan T permalink

    I was searching for Thamil letters bing took me here. Though I didn’t go thru all the contents, the effort you put towards this work should be appreciated very much! Keep the good work going, I will recommend this site to my friends many of whom are interested in our language very much!

    Can you also tell me what is the exact meaning for KOchan or KOchadaiyan? Thanks much

    • Thankyou for your support,
      As I have given, kO means gain+separated, that’s you can see/view/know from being separated, it can refer to these,
      that which is at a height, tall, etc.. and indirectly refers to rich people, famous ones, kings etc…who are known to distant places.

      Chadayan – refers to the hair chadai/pinnal may be the name kOchadayan, refers to one who has a famous chadai, or the famous one with the chadai.

  3. Thiyagarajan permalink

    What is meaning by KoMugil?

  4. Hellraiser permalink

    Meaning one word la solluda dubukku…

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