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Sound Ma that means “Occupying a Place”

March 18, 2011

“ம” என்றால் ஒரு இடத்தில், சூழ்ந்து அல்லது ஒரு இடத்தை தன்னிடமாக்கி ( a place for stay)

Let us see the words with this sound “ma”, with meaning “Occupying  a place” or  “a place for stay

Madai: Ma+da = Occupying a place + Move

Moving in a place,

Madi : Occupying a place +  Movement, keeping within (Lap, Lazy)

Maram: Tree= Ma+ram= Occupying  a place +Gives away

It can be “That which Gives staying  place”.

Malai: Rain =Ma+lai (Occupying  a place and keeping in possession)

Malai: Mountain. Ma+lai (Occupying  a place and keeping in possession)

Man : Sand (occupying a place + we receive)

Manai: Land/House Ma+nai(Occupying  a place and getting in)

Place that we have

Mara:Forget, Hide Ma+ra =In a  Place+ Give(Occupying  a place and giving away)

Give away staying in a place.

Mana: In control of a place. Ma+Na (Occupying  a place and gaining)

Mathi: Respect, Intelligence, Brightness,

Condition of occupying a place, How much in sense.

Maru: Another/Reject = Ma+ru ( Occupying + Take to inside) ie Rejecting place for stay.

Mani: Occupying + Receiving within (Not stable to occupy, Rolling, not a stable place to stay ) This is an interesting word…

“அதன்  இடத்திற்கு வந்தால் அது ஆடக்கூடியது”, நிலையற்றது, இவற்றை “மணி “எனலாம்.

Mali : Occupying + a place within

Makan: Son (One who takes the place)

Makal: Daughter (One who takes the place)

Madam: staying place. Ma+idam

Malar: Flower

Matham: Religion

Ones place.

Manram: Assembly.

Controlling and giving from a place.

Makkal: People (Mak+kal = In Place+Know)

One who Knows to Occupy a place(settle down)

More will come…

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