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Tamil “se” or “che” means “Move to” or “Go near”

March 19, 2011

“செ” என்பது “விரும்பி/எளிதாக சேருவது

Sekku: Stone grinders, Se+kku (Move to+ to make it small) Grind.

Selvam: Wealth : Sel+vam (Moved and came to us)

Sei: Do, Task

Move to, do something useful.


Status of a Task.

Seppam: Move to Good position, Balanced position.

Sedi: Se+di Plant:

Can easily break.

Setthu: Dead

Se+tthu (Moved away from inside.)

Senru: Went

Move to and available.

Chennai: Move to + Storing.

Attractive place. [That stores whoever moves in.] செல்பவரை அணைக்கும் சென்னை.

Chen: Attractive : Che+n (Move to + Possessing)

in Tamil we can say கவர்ந்திழுக்கும்  தன்மை.

Chenthamil:Attractive Tamil.

Chenthaamarai: Attractive Lotus.

Chenthil:Chen+thil= Attractive +Status. Having an attractive status. (Beautifull)

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