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Sound Pa means More

March 24, 2011

ப என்றால் “பல வைத்திருப்பது

Pa sound means  “More with”

Lets see the words

பை: Pai: Bag ?

பல் : Pal : Teeth

many on surface.

பள்ளம்: Pallam: Pit, Ditch

[Pal+lam=To keep more inside it]

Palam: Ripen Fruit: Pa+lam

[Pa+lam=To be inside ,  I think Something inside  only can be called as “palam” , like Banana, Jackfruit, Pomegranate etc.. and the general word for Ripen fruit in Tamil is “Kani”]

Pali: Blame

(Pal+i= Not to keep inside, Indirectly it means “Blaming others”, Literally it means “to keep outside.” )

Palli : Lizard

Pal+li=Not  inside. (பல உள் இருப்பது+பின்னர் விலகி செல்வது)(that Which is inside and will go away)

Palli: School, Bed, Village Side.

Pal+li=பலர் உள் இருப்பது+விலகி செல்வது (Schoolபலர் உள் இருப்பது+ விலகி செல்வது, Bed நாம் உள் இருப்பது+பின்னர் விலகி செல்வது)

As per my understanding, The word “Palli” could mean a “Temporary place for staying” many will come there, stay there and then move away. லி (li) sound means  “which goes away from a surface/land”.

Pan:More  within

Panbu: Characteristics

(What we have, What we keep within us)

Panri : Pig :

Pan+ri = உள் இருப்பவை எடுப்பது, Taking more within. (Pigs eat a lot and anything eatable from inside the soil esp. roots)

Pani : Snow :

Pa+Ni = More with + Receive + within

Pannai: Farm House :

Pan+Nai= Having many stored within.

Panam: Money:

Pa+nam= Keeping within us

Pannayaar: Landlord:

Having many with him.

Para:  (More + Giving)

Paran: Top Shelf

(Pa+ra+n=Keep, Give, having)

Paranthu: Fly out

(Paran+Thu=keeps+ Gives + Outside)

Panai :  Palm Tree :

(Pa+nai= Keeping within  + storing) (All parts of the Palm tree are useful, having many within)

Pari : Pluck, Catch

(Pa+ri = Take & keep with.)

Padu: Accept, Lay down.

( Pa+du= keep Oneself+move in = Not Interfere)

Padai: Army:

Keeping with and moving.

Padar: Spread :

More and Moving

Pattam: Kite

(More on position/height)

Payan: Benefit



Pa+cchai = Similar to what we have (இருப்பதுடன் சேருவது) (Green is what we have more here)


Pa+su= More + Comes to us: இருப்பது + நம்மிடம்

Pasi: Hungry

Pa+si=More wanted.

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