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Tamil letters Pu PU Po PO

March 24, 2011

“ப்”, “ப” என்பவை  பல என்னும் பொருளில் வரும்

பு, பூ, பொ, போ, Lets see the words with any of these four letters/sounds in Tamil, we will analyze one by one.

பு : Pu: more  inside.

The letter “Pu” mostly comes in words that comes to  meanmore inside Lets see the words how they are related.

Punai: Wear

Pun: Soar (More inside + we get)

Punar: To Change, transform = Get a new form.

Pukal: Fame (More inside +we are known)

Puri:  Understand ( More inside + Take inside)

Puram:  External of what we have.  (Pu+Ra+m=More + from  inside + Take to + occupy a place)

Puku: Enter (More inside+Take inside)

Pul: Grass (more inside surface) (more inside land)

PuL: Birds( This refers to birds that fly and come to land as groups)

Pulu:Worm  (More inside + Inside land)

Pulai /Pulaal :  Stench, Bad smelled,  Meat or Fish food. some say “puluthu ponathu” meaning foods that which became bad due to bacteria and fungus.

Puthai: Bury (More Inside + keeping)

Puthaial: Treasure from ground, Puthai+al (Not Getting Inside ground = taking out from ground.

Puli: Tiger (More Inside, remove the surface- The action of flesh eating)

Pulam: Ones own place (place we entered) pulam peyarthal(Going out from their native place)

Puthalvan: New born son,

Pulan: Taken with. (More inside  land we get)

Puttu:A food, made by cooking rice flour.

பூ PU(Poo) the nedil. means அதிகம் இருப்பது வெளியே -More Outside.

Poo: Flower (More outside)

பூ = அதிகம்  இருப்பது வெளியே,

Poonai: Cat -More living outside.

இருப்பது வெளியே

Poondu: Garlic, Dressing, Making up.

poo+n+du=more outside +gets + and move inside.?

Poonool: Sacred thread worn by some castes.

Poo+nool means, worn outside + thread (வெளியே அணியும் நூல்)

Pootham:Poo+Tham  refering the Boodth.

Poo+tham : (More outside + Keeping) Whatever we have outside , refers to the  5 elements we have.

Poosu: The action of touching the outer surface. Pathiram poosu, Suvar Poochu(plastering).

Poo+su=More outside+Join Inside

Poochi: Insect.

Poosal: Misunderstanding

பொ=ப் + ஒ –Letter Po comes with the meaning “More  united as  one”.

வைத்திருப்பது  ஒன்றாக இணைந்து

Poluthu: Evening Time.

Porul: Object, Meaning (More  united as  one and take to inside)

Polinthu: Pour, the rain pours

Polil: Beauty of nature, everything combined together, A landscape with many things.

Pongal:  Sprout and become one.

Pothikai: (In a state of having many things to give)

Poi: Lie : Po+i = Keeping something within and showing another

Pon: Gold : (Uniting two metals)

Pothi: Po+thi= Fully packed as one with many things.

Pothu: Common for all,

Podi: Powder(Po+di= Being one + splitting.)

Porai:  A defect in the wholeness of the object.

Potri: Enclose,

We will see a kural with this word Porai: Kural 570

Kallaar Pinikkum, KadungKOl, AthuValla thillai, nilakkup Porai.

Kallaar Pinikkum (Kallaathavarai Kastapaduthum) Here Thiruvalluvar may refer to the Slavery.

KadunKOl: Kadumaiyaana Aatchi (Dictator)

Athuvalla thillai, Nilakkup Porai: (athu vallamai illai, nilatthukku porai) Thats not the ruler’s strength but the kingdoms/rulers defect,

Ponthu: A hole, Pon+thu  (More unite with and keeping inside)

Pori:  Awareness/To get hold of of something: (More unite as one and taking it)

Kural 618:
பொறியின்மை(Unawareness) யார்க்கும்_பழியன்று(Not a fault) அறிவறிந்து(Knowledgeable)
ஆள்வினை_இன்மை(effortless) பழி(fault).
Unaware and not doing things is not a fault, but knowing things
and without putting effort to do is wrong.

Pochaappu: Poch+Aappu,  an old word not used now, Thirukural uses this word, which means “careless”, “preparedless”  “Delayed” etc. so the word Poch means Vigilant or act swiftly. We hear people often say   “Posa ketta paya l”  for careless and useless person.

we will see the great Kurals what it says about pocchaappu.

Kural 532

Pocchaappu kollum pukalai, arivinai niccha nirappu konraangu.

Carelessness will kill the fame you will get,

like how your knowledge is killed by your pride.

Kural 533

Pocchaapark illai pukalmai, athu ulakath theppaanulorkkunth thunivu.

Theres no fame or respect for  careless people, Its true even for people who knows everything about the world.


acchamudaiyaarkk aranillai, Aangillai pocchaappudaiyaarkku nangu,

One who was afraid  will never find any protection, similarly  careless people are even more ill protected.

Kural 537

Ariyavenru aakaatha illai Pocchaavaak karuviyaar potri seyin.

Theres nothing hard for people who do carefully with importance given to the task.

போ PO the nedil means “More Go separating”

உள் இருந்து வெளியே செல்வது

POr: Go for war  POraattam: Struggle, Fight

POgu: Go

POthai: Boosted after taking alchohal or drugs

POdu: Put

POthum: Enough, enough going.

POtti: Race

POkku: The way it goes.

POnru: Like, similar to the way it went.

POtri: Praising and following.


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