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English(IE) words that sounds like Tamil or originated from Tamil

August 8, 2011

Below are the list of words from English/Indo European that looks similar to Tamil words  with similar meaning, these words with origins in Tamil and  have ancient connections with some old Proto European language.  Some of these words could have also loaned from Indo European to Tamil.

Now after collecting and finding out so many words, I think there should be a deep connection between the so called Dravidian words in Tamil and European language base but many linguists alienated Tamil language due to reasons unknown.

We will see some of the interesting words, some of which will amaze you, Watch this page, The list is growing with new words added to the top, Give your comments if you have some questions or words to share.


Light/le̯uk: Ilakkam (light/lamp/destination)

Labor : Ulavar(the plougher, Plower)

Heathen : Kaattan (man of forest)

Heath: Kaadu(forest)

Venom : Vinai / Visham(sanskrit)

Green/Grass : Keerai(green leaves)

Good: Kodai (to give alms, to donate, give more)

Great : Kotra, Koatra (Interesting word, Kotra in Tamil means some thing that stand aside, not comparable to others)

Holy : KOil (Temple) literally its gods/higher(kO) place(il),

Bush : Pul/puthar : புல்  Grass

Bark/Barge/*barica : parisal

Dervish(beggar/poor) : Thuravi (monk) , Thu-ra = Give away(ra) – the – keeping within(thu). Ancient Indian religion, people are categorized into two, one is who settle with a family and the other is monks(thuravikal), they dont have family, they go faraway places seeking knowledge. Duid another word also looks related.

Evil : Aeval (induce)

Corn/Grain : Kurunai (smaller grain) Kuru in Tamil is small. and Noi is Broken or Brittle.

Wide: vidiya(sunrise, symbolically it means wide opening)

Towel : Thuvai/துவை (wash) Germanic source þwēan(wash), dwahan , Hindi (Dhobi) also should be related.

Fade: Vaadu, can also be related to word “Waste”

Fate: Vaitha, Vithitha

Faith: Padithal, Padinthu (acceptance of order)

Drive : ThEr(chariot, Cart), Like in German its Treiben, other English words like Dray, Draw, Drag etc… has the relation.

The Sanskrit word Ratha (the inverse of this sound needs mention).

Paleo/palaio/Palai(Greek) : Palaya (Old) Palaku(Practice) all are related.

Bully : Pollaa (bad, mischievous)

Plus/Plural/Poly Pala,Pal, PalvEru (many, more,various etc…)

Pale: Paalai (desert and such barren lands) (Long vowel in Pale denotes it doesn’t have much in it, so does a barren land)

Know:Kan (Tamil word Kan means (Eye), kaan=look (This should be the root of many IE words that starts with Kn/Gn) , Latin  “Con”  also should be related with this word “Kan” (eye) in Tamil, primarily to mean “Gain within”  for example words like “consider” “conceal”, “Conduct” are some of the con words. The word “Ken” is widely used in Old  languages “to Know”/”To look” .

Tolerate/Thole(peg) : ThOl(Shoulder) [ the word “Atlas” can also be related with, Latin tollere is to lift, Statues of Atlas with the earth on his shoulders need mention.]

Culprit, CulpableKalvan,Kallar (Thief), Kalavu(Theft) (Literally it should be, one who gains from the place) [not sure if the word “Guilt” also comes under this]

This, Is, That , Its etc.. : இது/ithu(this), அது/athu(that),  இத்(ith),  இட(idathu = its place)

Short, Curtail, Curt : Kuruku, Kurai (shorten, to narrow down etc), [this is also  one of the widely used  words of the Indo European language base including Russian (korotkij-short)]

Collar, Collum, Hals (neck related words) : Kaluthu (neck)

Veil/Wall : VEli(fence)

Aern/Rann : Aran (Aran in Tamil means safeguarding, Aranmanai is palace)

Pare : Pirai (Crescent moon, New moon) (Literally it should be “to show only a little” like a crescent moon.)

Daemon/Devil: Theemai,Theeyavai (Bad/Evil, that which destroys, from the word “Thee” which means “fire”), Latin prefix “de“, also should be related, the root meaning of sound “Thee” is , Keeping with+give away.

Bleach : Vilakku (To clear off, Lighten, Lamp) Vilakkam is explanation ie.  “To make one understand”, Latin words like fulgere, flamma, flagrare etc.  also has the connection.

Pore/Furrow : Purai

Mega : miku, Mika(Very much, exceed)

Cup : Kuvalai

Oath : Othu -To read (loudly)

Eva-porate – Aavi (Steam) Inverse of “Aavi” is “Evaa”.

Nod : Nadungu

Meet: Muttu ( to butt, to hit one over the other face to face, head to head, cow’s fighting act)

Horse : Kaluthai(Donkey) – Horse in Tamil is Kuthirai. (Arabic word for Horse is Khayl) (Tamil Kalu literally should mean Gain on its  place), so Kaluthai and it  use for transporting goods on top of it.), The word Shoulder(tamil kaluthu) can also be related.

Gold : kelu(brightness, shining, sparkling), or from Kolunthu(pale greenish yellow, the young leaves), this could be an important root word cognate with words like yellow, gold, glow in various  other languages.

Curious : Kurippu (Giving hints, Giving Clue, Notes) Kurithu – Give attention to.

Cure : Kurai (To reduce, To lessen) “Kuru” means Narrow, Compact

Fast : Pasi (Hunger)

Flesh/Foul : Pulaal/Pulai

Wonder : Viyan, Viyappu

Sweat : Viyarthal

Gray/Grey : Kari (Black/Dark)

Harvest : Aruvadai(Aru(to cut) and V+adai(To stock in possession)

Gallery : Kal+arai (Vault, Cemetry) In Latin, galilea is  “church porch,” store room in church. in Tamil Kalarai=stone room.  There are more words to link Gal, Cal,hul, hallu with Stone or something formed hard. [Even in Hebrew the word Gal refers to pile of stones]

Gallows : Kalu (Wooden for impaling criminals, Ka+l+u(Gain+in a place+inside),

Kaluthai(Donkey) , Kalugu (eagle),  Kaluthu(neck) all carry things.

Arable : Er (Plough)(The “E” is the long sound “Ae” referring to the inaccessible place it reach to.)

Finish : Pin(Behind)/Pini(everything lost/hardship)/Pinbu/Pinnaal(Time after/back)/Pinam(Corpse)

Bait : Pakadai

Gate : Kathavu

Fact/Factorial/Factory/ : Vakuthu/Vakunthu (means “to divide, To make(“Thittam Vakuthal”=To make a plan), To make it small)

Pacify/Peace/Pact/Pactum : Paku/Pakutthu/Pakuthi ( To split even between, To share, To allow access within),  Padinthu/Padi means (To accept/agree with, to stay calm, To settle in bottom).

Accept: Isaipadu/Isaiputhal (To accept)

Female/Femina(Latin): Pen/Penmai

Function : Panbu/Pani

Annual/Annus : Aandu

Villa/Ville : Vayal(means Farm) (va+ya+l =comes out/growth + identified + place)

Field : veli

From : Varum (means “comes to a place”)

Find: Pidi-பிடி (in Tamil it means to “Get hold of”)

Fog/Fumigare : Pukai

Focus : Pukal( to get famous)

Fond : Punar (Copulate)

MatureMuthir-முதிர் ( More older state, Well experienced (for a long time)) (Muthiyavar means old man) (“MootthOr” means elder)

Craft : Kalam-கலம் (Old word for “Ship”, “Plates” in Tamil) Literally  “Ka=To gain + La=in a place + M=Occupying” so kalam is something thats “enclosed object to gain certain things/people”.

Burrow : Putru (புற்று, Snake, Rabit, Rat hole etc..)

Turban : Thalapaa (Head+ Cover) (“Thalai” in Tamil is head, The L changed to R) The word ThOpaa, Thopi are variations of our Thalapaa, used in some other near east languages.

Cluster : Kulai (Grouped as one, bunch/cluster)

Cot : Kattil-கட்டில்

Goat : Kadaa (male goat)

Pain : Piniபிணி (Under control using  force, Inflicting hardship, Treating as slaves)

Punishment : Pani/Paninthu/Paninthal-பணி (Work/Under control/Working under kings order)

Tie/Teag/Taug/Knot: Kat, Kattu (Tieg) (inverse sound ) (Ka= Gain,  Ta/Da = Movement)

Lion/Leo : Ari (Interestingly Ari or Aryeh is Hebrew word for Lion, and the  L and R shift is common between many languages)

Bene~/Benefit : Payan-பயன்

Nation : Naadu-நாடு (Naadu means Native country in Tamil) (They say the word “nation” and “Native” comes from the Latin word “natus”)

Climate : Kilamai (Its a word that defines seven days of the week representing seven planetary bodies including Sun and Moon, also means “under its control”)

Hour : Kaala, Kaalai (“a time”, in Tamil) and  the word “period” could be “Poludu”

Year : Gnyaairu (Sun in Tamil)

Yaarn : GnyaaN (Thread) woven around. (arai Gnaan kayiru)

Torque / Turn / Drehen(German) : Thiruhi, Thirukku (Thirumbu=Turn Back) etc…

Dream : ThOrram (Appearance, Look) The meaning is not the same. This is also looks closer to “Thought”

TurbThiritharu, Thiri, Thiribu (here Turb should be equal to Thi+ri which in Tamil means change or  Losing its current state)

Funeral /Funus : Pinam-பிணம் (means Corpse in Tamil)

Water LilyAlli (May be of the same family, not sure if both names refer the same flower)

Wealth/Valor : Valam-வளம்

Value : Valu(gain strength)

Girl: Kilathi (Lead women, Rich Girl)

Guard/Garden : Kaadu-காடு (Forest, Field etc… literally Kaadu means “Gain + Hidden + Move + Inside” forests are well protected and not easy to move inside. In Tamil Kaathal means “To Protect”.


Friend/Favour/Free : Parinthu/Pattru/Parivu (Parivu word in Tamil means to show favour or affection)


How/who/what : Yaangu/Yaarkku/Yaathu

Action: Aakkam(To create/To prepare)

Level: Alavu

TeakThEkku-தேக்கு (refers to Teak, Literally ThEkku=Having with + difficult + Gain in)

Mad: Madamai (Mada = Moving  mind, Not Stable Mind)

Mind/Math : Mathi(not sure)

CopraKopparai (kaappu(protective)+ arai(space/room)) Interesting persian word  خمپاره should have this origin.

Give/ YieldEekai

Sound: Osai

Surround: Chutru/Chutram (meaning to surround, to encircle)

GingerIngee (Ginger)

Neer(it means Water)  But the word “Nero” in Greek means water. and in Etruscan “Nier” is water.

Water : possible cognate is ootru(spring water) ootru also means to pour. The English word Ooze also looks close. The word Hydro also is related.

Drum : Murasu (Inverse of sound)

Form: Maruvu (change in shape), Maarruvathu(Change)

Nail : Aani


Oral/Oration/Orate/Oracle : Urai-உரை ( Tamil it means To Speak, To give some news )

Villain: Villan(In Tamil it means “One who is with the Bow”)

OrangeNaarthanKaai (A fruit with smell) (Naatram in Tamil means smell) (“Naa” sound in Tamil means “We Get hidden” like in Naakku, Naai, Naatram, Naakku etc..)


L. Cappa, Cuff : Kaappuகாப்பு

Quest/Question : KEtpathu, KEl, KEtpa

Swear/Swor/An-Swer :  Sol/Sor (சொற்)


Cigarette/CherootChuruttu -(Cigar made by rolling tobacco leaves).

CrudeKuruthi (meaning blood) related to Latin cruor, cruel etc.

Kill Koll

SeerSeer (to make things right) The words Juri, Justice also should also be from this origin, “Seer Thooku”  means “To take things right”.

Birth Piranthu [In Tamil “Pira” means Other one, new one]

Bird – Paravai [In tamil Para is to spread out] Pa+ra to “More + taking to” the action to fly.

Clay/Glue Kool/Kali-களி (Ka=Gain + L+i= In a place +not to give out) It refers to the sticky nature )

L.Cappere/CaptureKaipatru,  [In Tamil “Ka” means to Gain/know something, kai, Karam is Hand etc. Kar means Gaining . Words like Carry, Carrier too were close to Kar]

Irrigate : Iraithal (Neer Iraithal , Etram Iraithal is the age old method of irrigating land using well or pond water.)


Take/Tacan/Tacken : Kadan (inverse sound) (Kadan in modern Tamil means “Loan” but literally it means “having something   to be given back” and some places it means “duty to return some favor received”.

Bring/Brought: Peruka/Peruthal (பெறு)

Buy/Bought : Vaaitha (German – buggjan), Vaaitha comes from the root word Vaai(mouth)

Broad: Parutha (Literally “accepts more”) Parathai (Prostitute)

More : Mali மலிந்த

Touch: Thodu

One/Uni/Unite: Onru, Onri, Onnuthal etc… (in Tamil the sound “O” comes in words to mean “unite” )


Eight: Ettu

Vision: Vili (To see) [In Tamil the sound “Vi” means “To come out, Visible etc…” words like Vidai, Vilai, Vili, Vidu,Viri ]

Voice : Vaai (“Vaai” refers to “mouth”)

ValveVaayil (Opening, Door)

Axle : Acchu + Ach+Chu = அ+ச்+சு  = Join inside.

Age : Aayul

Easy/aisie: Eliya/ElithE

Roll/Round: Urul :Rotating or Round,  Urulai means Sphere. Uru means shape.

River: Aaru/Aruvi (Other European words for river are Ryo, Rio…) in Tamil AA+ru means “Source unknown + Takes to here”

RiceArici (Ari means to “Take within”  and  si= After breaking/removing)

Reap:Aruppu (Aru means to “Take to inside”  “pp” = Many)

Rich: Arasu(Arasu means kingdom in Tamil, The sound Ara= “the action of taking to” and “Su” = “Join inside” meant the “kingdom” the  which distributes wealth)

Right: Uriyathu(correct) / Uttra

Rare : Ariya

Polish : Palinga (Smooth and Shining)

Hysteria : Pasalai (The sounds may not match exact, but the meaning are the same, refers to female hysteria)

Horse : Kuthirai/Pari

Taboo: Tappu / Thavaru (Meaning “Wrong” in Tamil)

Want: VEndu

Watch/Wait: VEtkai(wait with animosity), VEttai(hunting), VEnkai(Jaguar)

Hard: Kari , Kadi (Kadi means difficult to move in Tamil) “Kari”  means Sronger in Tamil.

Beauty: Pain(பைந் ) (in Tamil it often refers to something that is colorful).

Full : Mulu

CoirKayiru  – Ropes.

CurryKari – Sause


Join: Serntha

Crime: Kutram

Aim: Eei (In Tamil Eei means to shoot, To Take from distance)

Arm/Hand: Karam, Kai. (Ka+ra=Gains + Gives)

Leg: Kaal (Just inverse it) in Tamil “Kaa”   means support.( in German, “Keule” is Leg)

Star: Chudar (meaning Shinning, Bright) – சுடர் , the sanskrit word NakSatra should also be from this origin.

Dad: Thanthai : (May sound odd, but many languages including European has Tata, Tadah etc… for father., in Tamil “Than+thai” means “Keeping within his possession”)

Parents: Petravar

Practice : Palaku/Palakkam

Brothel /Prostitute : Parathai (meaning Prostitute) “Para” means Spread and  not restricted.

Aunt : Atthai

Antham : End (Antham means End, or near to the destination)

Body: Udambu

Leaf : Ilai

Lose : Ilanth (Illai means “Not there”, Ilivu means going low)

Letter: Elutthu

Light : (Lean) : Ilaitthu

Yule : Oli (means light)

Thick/Thin: The sound “Thi” in Tamil itself means “condition”, Thinai, thilai, thikai, thirai, thiram, thiru, thiri, thisai, thikal etc are others words that defines the condition of the object/place.(“Thinai” means very smaller in size)

Blame : Pali

Plough: Ulavu

Pot: Paanai

World : Ulaku /Ulakam-உலகம்

Work: Ulai-உழை

Iron : Irumbu-இரும்பு

Boat : Padaku (in French its “bateau”)

Light(noun): Oli (“Li” sound means to leave from the surface)

Lake : Kulam (Latin “Lacus”) in Tamil its inverse and Ku+la = Gain inside + land refers to pond or lake.

Place : Palli (Place, School etc..) In Kannada its Halli for village. or it can be from Pulam(more used place, living place)

Hole : Kuli (Ku+li=Gain inside + Leaving the surface)

Have/Haven/Harbor : Kavarnthu(To gain inside, To capture)

Hit: Idi

Attack: Thaakku

Attach : Thacchu (Means to “To Join” or “To Fix”, “Thacchan” refers to carpenter )

Pan : Pan (Means “many”, “more” “all” etc… )

Cave:Kuhai-குகை (Literally it has these ku=Gain+inside, kai=Gain+possession)

Child : Chiraar -சிறார்

Son: Magan (Here the sound is different but I need to highlight that in Irish and Scottish “Mac/Mago/makko” refers to son)

Sun : Sen (May not be the source, but Sen in Tamil comes to mean, “attractive” or “Bright”, SenjGnayiru is common term to refer “Bright/Red Sun)

Prize: Parisu/parisam

Food/Feed : Pindam  or  from the words oon/oottu /

Know/Knowledge – Gnanam(Knowledge), Gnaalam(Worldly knowledge), In Tamil “Gnaayiru” means Sun, the ultimate en-lightener.

Cry:Kurai(Dogs Barking, Animal Shouting), Kural(Loud Speech) AluKural=Crying Loud, Imil Kural = Birds sound etc..

Stop: Thaduppu (Cut the S)

Steal/Stalker : Tholai ; Stall : Tholuvam, Stale : Thol(old, long time with)

Spear,Javelin, “Veles”, Verutum : Vael (Cut the S, Change P to V, and “R” To “L” these are common sound transitions)

Stud/Stick: Thadi (cut the S)

Shade/Shadow/Skot : Kudai (Cut the S) (Kudai means Umbrella, but early literature it means under the shade, under protection etc)

Stall/Stable : Tholuvam (Cut the S) (Tholuvam means cattle shed)

Se-parate: Pirithu

Snake: Naaka Paambu (Naaka is cobra a type of snake) in Tamil “Paambu” is snake. Naaga literally comes from its smelling sense,using  its tongue(naaku)

Calf : Kanru

Spread : Padar/Parantha

Side : Idai (Meaning, Sides also means “Flanks of a person”) (Cut the S)

Stand/Stock(tree trunk)/Stock(for future use) : Thaangu (To withstand), Thangu(To Stay), related with Sanskrit “StAn”

Throw: Thura, Thuranthu( in Tamil it means to reject or keep away from, one who keep  away from worldly pleasure is a Thuravi(monk))

Split : Piri  (cut the S)

Stack: Adukku (cut the S)

Speed: Peedu (“peedu” in Tamil means , more famous/more progressive/Coming out more )

Sudden : Udden (Immediately)

Sword: Vaal (cut the S)

Shore/Scorre: Karrai (cut the s)

Sharp : Koor

Short : Kuru (Cut the S)

Strength/Stren: Thiran (cut the S)

Street: Theru (again you have to cut the S 🙂 )

Shield : Kedaya, Kedaka, Kiduku

Smile : Makil(cut the S)

Sponge : Panju, Panji (Cut the S)

Cash – Kaasu – coins or dollars.

Cattemaran – KattuMaram – Fishing boats that are made using wooden planks tied together.

Hundred: Nooru

Pour: Poli/Peyal

Dare : Thiram (Capacity, Strength, Withstanding power) (Sanskrit -Dhairiya)

Drizzle: Thuli

Root: Thoor (inverse in sound)

Eagle: Kalugu

Thatch : Thatti

Trans : Thiri (Change, There is a word “Thiritharu” that means Transform)

Adamant: Adangaa(Not in control)

Praise: Paaraattu

Aid/Aiudha: Udavi(means “help” in Tamil)

Place : Pulam/Valavu

Cottage/Hut/House: Kudisai/Kudi

Nerve: Narambu (The strings of musical instrument Haarp(Yaal) is  Narumbu)

Feast : Virunthu (Virunthu in Tamil also means feast, there are many other related words in English like  Festival,  Fair(vila) etc…

Viru literally  in Tamil means to “Take in (ru)+ that which are kept within(vi)” like in  Wish:Virumbu

Foreign: Piran(others, external) Prae(Latin) Pre(English) Pira(Tamil)

Fear : PEi(ghosts), bhayam(Sanskrit)

Flee/Fleece/Fly : Peeli (Feather Dress, Peacock feather used as dress or decoration)

Famous/Proud: Perumai

Force : POr ( Means “War” in Tamil) (forcier means to”conquer by violence”)

Move: MEva (Seeing, effort/difficulty to retain)

Violence : Puyal (Means “Storm” in Tamil)

Fossil : Puthayal (“Treasure/Inside land”, Puthai means to Bury)

Refer/Relate: Uravu

Malleable : Melliya (Soft)

Get : Konda/ Kidai

Make: Amaika

Mud: Maasu -Dirt (also “Mann” refers to sand in Tamil.)

Direction: Thisai

Flood : Vellam

Float : Thaval (தவழ்)

Fall/Feel : Veel (Veel means Falling , but in some cases it means to fall in love) may be related to love.

Follow/Belief : Valipadu(accept the way)

FireVeru(to be away from), Veri(Fiery), Viraku (dry wood, firewood or Fire source in Tamil) which should be the cognate of the word Fragment or Friction.

Virile : Virai(testicle)

Frissure : Viri / Virisal

Fault/Fail : paluthu/பழுது/Pilai (palu = More in a place, more older)  (it would be interesting to study these words further)

Finger : Viral (Some little sound resemblance is there, this word comes from root “Viri” means  to spread, to break open etc…,)

Decent : Thakuntha( Matching, Fitting, Appropriate), Thakuthi = state of ability.

Delicate : Thalir (Tender, The newly grown leaves)

Hunt: VEttu

Aroma: Naarum. (Orange=Naarthan)

Call : Kooval ?

Battle/bataille /Battalion : Padai ( In Tamil Padai means Army)

Axe: Ari (Ari means “To take in, To cut”) Axe=KOdAri

Lunch/Luncheon : Arunthu (To eat or drink)

Bar: Paarai (Paarai means Large Rocks hidden inside and not easily moved), Crowbar in Tamil is KadarPaarai(literally meaning “cross the rocks/obstructions”)

Poem: Paadal, Poet: Paattinar

Arms: Aran (Aran in Tamil, means Tools for protection, often refers the King’s fort, also Aranmanai=palace)

Vary: VEru , Various: PalVEru

Victory: Venri Win:Venru

Honey : ThEn(May not sound same) but what i want to highlight is another common word for honey in Latin and Greek which is “Milith“, this is again sounds similar to Tamil word  “Amiltham” This is the other word for sweet honey or nectar from the flowers.

Hercules : Karikaalan (Karikaalan in Tamil means Great protection/Legs or Elephant legs, The English word “Claw” or “Clutch” should have relation with Tamil word Kaal(Legs)

Christ : Theertha? theertha in Tamil means purify, to nullify, to heal. “theertham” is holy water. The Jain Theerthankar (one who is pure/ finished with his karmas or one who purifies)

Easter: Chithirai(month name)

Gallus,Galli : Kaal/KOli

Kaal in Tamil means Legs representing  “Protection from gain”. There is a ancient King named Kari kaalan (Strong Legs/Strong Support)

KOli: In Tamil it refers to Hen/Cock and literally means, “Gain Separating the land” , KO in Tamil refers to King(who has the command), KOl: Rule, Gallus  is not English word but I found this from Latin dictionary which means Hen/Cock.

Morrigon(One of Diety from ancient Europe): Murugan/Murugu (God of the Tamils)

I am amazed at the name similarity, how well it matches, Murugan is now considered as a male God, but i  believe earlier deivams were considered only as natural forces and do not have Human figures. Interestingly the European festival of “Samhain” conincides with the Tamil Murugan festival of “Choora Samhaaram“, where the Deivam Murugan destroys the  surrounding evil of darkness that engulfs.

Some of the above are my assumptions, may be right or wrong, but as one of  ancient original language, Tamil should have contributed to Indo European words indirectly.

There are more words to list, but I am on a little research before releasing all those words,

please contribute more if you found some and give your comments if you find these findings as false.


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  1. Yuvnesh90 permalink

    Alavu – Level
    Aruvi – River
    Surungu- Shrink
    Urundai- Round

  2. Yuvnesh90 permalink

    Veezh – Fall
    Por – War

  3. Nice words adding to the list. There are a lot of words and derivied words. Now it looks to me that most IE words has similar Tamil words or cognates in Tamil.

  4. palaniappan permalink

    water – wartha neer, river – aruvi neer,win – wentru, victory – vertty,kill – koll,illam- villa, hall -cry -kariu,look- veli,speak-pesu,tell -soll, war -por, writting – urai,

    • Thanks for contributing, Comparing the various cognates and my understanding the water is related with Tamil Ootru. I am not saying all the above words has Tamil origin but Its all related technically.

  5. Gayathri Ananth permalink

    Path – Paadhai, Cover – Kavadhai, Paddy – Paaththi, Bard – Paadagar, Narrow – Nerukkam, Broad – Padarndha, Via – Vazhiya, Way – Vazhi, cool – Kulir, Paste – Pasai, Adamant – Adam, Bottle – puttil, Cash – Kaasu, Speach – Pechu, Inn – Ill / llam, Towel – Thuvattal (to dry / drying), Bed – Padu / Padukkai, Gate – Kadhavu, Palauquin – Pallakku…….and the list goes on and on and on……

    • Yes, Thanks for submitting your list, some of those are not Tamil like Paathai.

      Bottle originally from pudai(swell or bulge inside) and Broad = Perutha

      rest others I had already in the list.

  6. Put : போடு
    Savior: Sevakan (Pathukaapaalan)

  7. Sivamurugan permalink

    Most of the words mentioned doesnt have any resemblance. Those which have resemblance might have been created from European languages..

    • Thanks for your comment Sivamurugan, Yes few should be loaned from the west. But I can prove many are native for Tamil with other multiple related words existing here.

  8. Suresh permalink

    As received from my friend
    W.W Skeat in the Etymological dictionary of the English language noted that 12,960 words out of 14286 came from Tamil. I.e. Almost 90%. Example given below
    S+ Peachu = Speech
    S + panju = Sponge
    S+meadhu = Smooth
    S+ paravy = Spray
    S+uden = Sudden
    S+nagam = Snake
    Like this if we add “S” to a Tamil word = English words will emerge. it is estimated there are more than 600 words like this in “S” Sound itself.

    Karai = Cry
    Kali = clay
    piliru = Blare
    Kol = Kill
    pothal = Button

    Kattumaram is a tamil word which is almost in all 7102 languages in the world.

    • Sentamilselvi kandasami permalink

      But not tamil itself, but from tamil’s mother tongue!
      A find After a prof research effort of 5 years.
      As the outcome was quite unexpected, took 2 years just to verify. Found other mind blowing info as well.

      I am a Solution Designer Analyst of IT.
      Finding it hard to contact literature experts and publish.on top of that now I had a Spine injury.

      Kindly write to Selvi.k.iyan@Gmail. Com.

  9. Sentamilselvi kandasami permalink

    All wordly languages follow an Ancient
    Fundamental Linguistic Singular Sound System,
    FLSSS – Named IYARKAI in Tamil.

    Even after much Civilization growth,
    It still can be traced well in Tamil!

    That’s because, designers of classical tamil understood
    How to facilitate linguistic growth while keeping the formal FLSSS intact as much as possible.

    They also facilitated prnounciations with breath easy and
    flow easy techniques and cultural preferences.
    Used sweet sounds frequently and
    harsh sounds in a nuetralized/rounded forms (nj,ng).

    Hence Tamil looks like a mother to othér languages
    by the heavy traces of the FLSSS still in it and lighter traces in other languages!
    And Tamil has also outlived other classical languages.

    Certain ancient texts follow FLSSS 100% and
    Tamil shares context with them in full,
    same context expressed in newer form!

    The FLSSS includes all possible
    fundamental descriptions of the world and life in it.

    It’s just a bit more complex than the samples given below.


    K – reference point in time and space

    Ka – referencing

    Kan – referencing in an all inclusive manner

    S – see / sense / understand

    Su – negation of the above – blinded / with no understanding

    Suuththiram – blind application/practice

    ☺🙋 Glad to be a Tamilian

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