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cu coo Tamil sounds

April 4, 2012

We already found that the sound க / K,Ka  to mean “gaining“…lets analyze the sounds Ku and its long form koo

as we also know.. the u sound means “Inside” and oo sound means “outside”, lets see how accurate are our findings…

First some words thats starts with ku

Kulam (Pond/Lake)

Kuli (Hole)

Kuru(குறு) Short(Gain Inside + Take Inside=gain inside action) உள் சென்று மறையும், in the sense of comparison,  that it can be taken into/engulfed into a bigger object.

Kuruku – Narrow/Small Void)

Kuvalai : Cup

Kuruthi : Blood (State when its inside)

Kuri (Aim at, Denote)

Kulavi (A kind of bee, Grinding stone) That which will reside inside some caved object.

Kuda/Kudam : A curved shaped utensil or Object

Kurai : To reduce

Kukai : Cave

Kunam: Characteristics

Kuru : Gain Inside Take to Inside. Ul Irunthu eduppathu/Kidaippathu

Kudai (Shade, Umbrella)

Kudi (House, Hut)


The above words/objects clearly shows us the  nature that this sound “Ku” represents, that is something that is Gained inside, something which is concave shaped, that holds something inside. So our findings k+u=Ku (Gain+Inside) matches exactly.

Now moving to Koo words,

Words thats starts with Koo…


Koodu/Koondu (Outer shell, Cover up)

Koor (Sharp) (Used to gain out)

Kooru/Kootru (To speak)

Kookai (A kind of owl) (Often not seen out, stay inside trees)

Koorai (Roof,  outer cover of huts, Koo+rai literally one which prevents something coming from outside)

Kool (Soups)(Gain outside from its surface) (That which is gained out from the grains)

Kooli :  Gained from, returns

Koolai : Kool+ai = Often refers to something thats shortened, things that need to be protruded/gained out, but not.

Koodai (Wooden bags)(Used to Cover up some items without moving out)

Koonthal (Women Lengthy Hair)

Its clear from the above words… Koo is Gaining + outside, that is some objects that are raised, convex shaped (Bent upwards), Protruded outside, comes outwards, Gained outwards, Gained from outside.


koo=கூ = கிடைப்பது + வெளியே/வெளிப்புறம். (Gain out)
Ku=கு = கிடைப்பது + உள்ளே/உட்புறம். (Gain in)

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