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ira and iru இர, இரு, இரண்டு

June 7, 2012

so what இர – ira stands for in Tamil. as per our sound analysis, Ira (இர)= Not there to give  + taking to.(கொடுப்பதற்கு இல்லை என்ற நிலைக்கு செல்வது) Lets see some words in Tamil with this Ira.

Iratthal – To Beg, To ask for help

Iravu – Night Time

Irandu – Two

our findings [Ira= Not there to give+ that which Takes to] suits good for Iravu(Night) and Irathal(begging) but for  the word Irandu(Two)?

Lets analyze this word  Irandu  (two) carefully, Two is the number of redundancy, that means if one is not there the other one comes in, our body parts are mostly in two numbers, if one fails the other is useful, That which supports the “Ira” is “irandaavathu”.

There are other words like Irul(Dark), Iruntha(stay there) and Irukkai(seat), Irumbu(Iron), Irukku, Iruthi etc… we will analyze these in this regard,

Iru=”கொடுப்பதற்கு இல்லை என்ற நிலைக்குள் செல்வது”

are those words related?, yes they are  in the sense of “nothing comes from inside of that“.


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