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Naa, Naam, Naama, Naamam a little analysis

July 22, 2012

Naa,  as per the sounds in it, N+aa= we receive + hidden/unknown means, that which we receive even if its unknown or hidden, that is what we seek for,

Naai = Dog (Thats used to seek things, thats unknown, with its smell)

Naarram = Smell

Naakku = Tongue

Naadi – Pulse , Go and seek

Naadu– Country ( lit. that place which we always wanted to seek in)

Naattam – Wish( which we need to seek/receive)

Naaka – Cobra snake (may be named, because it uses smell to hunt)

Naam – We (The identity is sought), Naam Thamilar(We are Tamils)

Naama – Seeking space, இடம் தேடி, seeking for occupying. (The word Naamam also related in the sense, “Names are used for seeking people or identifying.)

Theres a kural with this word, Naama neer, translated as அச்சம் தரும் கடல் which i think is not so opt,  Naama neer vaippin means,

தேடினாலும் கிடைக்கபெறாத நீரால் சூழப்பட்ட வைப்பு(நிலம்).

Naal – Day (We seek/receive but unknown)

NaaN, Naanam/ Ashamed,  Naanu : (literally, when seeking,  goes inside ie. to be afraid of eye contact, in the position to seek for.)


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