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கள கல கழ ?

January 30, 2014

Here we are  going to see some interesting sounds having k and l,
First, கள

ka/க=gaining la/ள= From the place. ultimately “to gain from the place” to remove from the place.

 கள = கிடைத்தது/ஒரு இடத்தில் இருந்து, களைவது, களவாடுவது  போன்ற சொற்கள் நமக்கு சிறந்த எடுத்துக்காட்டுகள்

Simple, Yes We can get the meaning clearly even with some English words. Clear, Clean and even more clearly if  we learn some Tamil words. Kaluvu, Kalai, Kalaitthal. are we not doing the act of Gaining from the place, Kalai edutthal, aadai Kalaithal to remove something from its place. Still more clear if you understand what a thief will do, who is a thief? a Kalvan, kalavaani,  because he will  Gain from a place,  that’s why they call a thief as a Culprit.

களி/kali = கள/Gain from the place + இ/Not there to give away/விட்டுவிடாமல், words like Clay needs mention.

Next கல ka/=Gaining and la/=the surface/place.

க = கிடைப்பது   என்பது ஒரு  இடப்பொருள்,  இதனால் கல்/கல என்பது உறுதியான இடப்பொருளை குறிப்பது.

In English, got a place, not only a place but a sturdy place. I will say its a sacred word, நன்மையை குறிக்கும் சொல் , that why i think God is seen/made as stone, even in Semitic religions the stones are sacred. Kal means Total, formed shape.

any confusion? lets see the words that will clears up the meaning.

kalam – gain + place +retain  so apt word for a container, a ship thats contains people. English hulk could not have a better word.

Now we will come to be basic root word, Kal – Stone. what more opt object to be named as Kal. literally meaning gaining a place, forming a place, forming hardness. Is there an English word? yes Calcium, Calx etc. English Haleness, Health etc are also related. such is the importance of  this word Kal.

another word, Kali – sturdiness, hardness +/not allowing. so kali kaalam is a place which is not stable, the environment which is not sturdy, I will tell you a secret, this should be the origin of the English word Hell.

கலப்பை- The age old tool to mix up the soil.Kalakku is a word to stir up.

Kalangu  – Kalakkam etc.. will give Kal+neengi/neekkam, not being strong, not being so sturdy, loosing faith in oneself etc..

Next கழ the one with the retroflex approx.  l – zha.

Kazha ka-Gaining  zha-in our/its place, added to the place.  ஏற்றுக்கொண்டு  இருத்தல், think about something gained onto a place.

kazhani – kazha+neer – நீரை ஏற்றுக்கொள்ளும்  இடம் .

Kazhu – a criminal placed onto a Kazhu maram,  a Donkey with a load on its place is a kazhuthai,

Kazhutthu – Neck, may be because it accepts the garland or maalai. also may be because men carry load around their necks. English Collar, Latin Collum are all related. Now we can understand this clearly,   kazhi – கழ – added to the place + இ-not there to allow/விட்டுவிடாமல், which means to rejected, subtract, to give away without accepting.

Check the home page for the meaning of more Tamil sounds.

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