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Tamil word Aram

June 13, 2015

Aram seya virumbu/அறம் செய விரும்பு,

Every Tamil student would have read this famous and first Aathichoodi in their schools.

So what is this Aram? Let’s do our sound analysis of this word,

அ/a(short a)  means  what we have, understand, what is with us/near. In most languages this is the first letter, and it represents “existence, reality, present, known’ .

 ற/ra = Take away, Take out. ra represent the change from one place to other, transferring.

So Simply we can say, Ara is to Take away what we have/know/, but the word has deeper meanings and used extensively in Tamil literature to mean helping others, virtue, without greed etc…

Let see some other words that sounds similar to this,

அற்ற : To remove from / without

அறை /arai : Room (in the sense of “Possession(ஐ) of that which can be taken away” Safe guard from taking away)

அறுத்த (cut away) : Take away from Inside.

மற/Mara – Forget (retain-take away)

துற/Thura – Renounce, To give away worldly pleasures./Monkhood. / துறவு நிலை

வற/Vara – growth + take away, dried, deserted.

So its clear the Tamil word Aram literally means to  Take away what we have/know/Acting selfless  in physical sense means   Helping others, Giving to others or simply acting without greed.

அறம் என்பது தான் கடந்த செயல், பிறருக்கு உதவி, நற்செயல், நன்கொடை போன்றவற்றை குறிக்கும்.

This word has great significance and used extensively in older Tamil literature.


I will end up with this Kural.


அறத்தினூஉங்கு ஆக்கமும் இல்லை அதனை
மறத்தலின் ஊங்கில்லை கேடு.

No action is bigger than the act of Aram,

The difficulty that comes when one forgets/forgoes Aram will also be bigger.




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  1. Urshilah Senthil permalink

    Awesome work. Kindly keep continuing!

  2. Roshni Krishnan permalink

    Loved it, thank you!

  3. Magesh permalink

    Super meaning

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