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Tamil words having “Kaa”

November 27, 2010

 கா  cannot be gained, கிடைக்க முடியாதது, cannot  overcome, விட முடியாதது )

We have seen that in Tamil “Ka” is to Gain, and “Aa” is Hidden/Unknown, so Kaa should be  “To Gain + Unknown/Hidden“, lets see more on this sound.

க் + ஆ =கிடைப்பது + மறைவாக , K+Aa=Gain+Hidden/unknown ,

Lets see the general meaning of some of the words that starts with “Kaa”  one by one.

Kaal – the word for Leg,

Kaal(legs)=Gaining + Unknown + in a place = can’t be taken in the place, I think its root meaning is either ,   take us to to distant places or  not to retain only in a place.

[பிற கவர முடியாமல் காப்பது கால், அல்லது to make us move and not fixed in a place ].

Kaalai/Kaalam – காலை (Time, Morning, Time period) Can’t be gained from the place’s Possession. I think the inner meaning is TIME can’t be gained back. (Time once spent is spent). Literally, Kaalam= “Cant be separated + in its place”, may be its saying that TIME and SPACE cant be separated. Kaal(leg) and Kaalai(time) has the same root meaning, that it cant be gained, moving forward.

Kaalai(Bullock supporting animal), it supports us in tilling the land, Its named  kaalai, because its so strong, Literally Kaa+lai = Can’t be gained from the place’s Possession.(can come in the meaning of, it cant be tamed easily, அடக்க முடியாதது). English/German word “Calf” is related to this. here  the la used is ள  meaning (from a place)

Karikaal: கரிகால் : means, Elephant/Great கால்.May be meant for “The unmovable legs or  the strong support” (He is the mythical king from the Chola country)

Kaadu: Kaa+du means “Gain + Hidden + Move + Inside”, Vayal Kaadu (Fields), Mukkaadu(hoods, Face/head Cover, hoods that Covers one’s head and or face). Kaadu( Forests where ancient people go for hunting,gathering fruits, woods etc. ) so Kaadu literally refers to a place  covered and dense that one cant move in freely.

Kaai:(non ripen fruits/vegetables):   Kaai(not ripen fruits)  It should be named as its not easily visible like a Kani(Fruit) [இலை மறைகாயாக is an opt term]

Kaa+vadi(It means Helping/Protecting/Guiding/Supporting every foot one take) this is practice of walking  with some penance  to God’s temple, Thinking that they will get the HELP for every foot they take. காப்பதற்காக அடி(step)

Kaar – Kaar Mekam  Dark clouds, (cannot be gained + gives – here may be referring the black colour of the clouds)

Kaatru-Air, which is Life Supporting, we take it without us knowing, in a hidden form.

Kaarai,Kaaram,Perunkaayam(Supporting items in food preparation, the Masalaas etc),

Theres a saying in Tamil, Kadugu siruthaalum Kaaram kuraiyaathu, Many are confused with the word Kaaram thinking it means hot, but actually here it means support/usefull, Kadugu(Mustard) even its used less  it plays  an important part(support) in food preparation.

Another word SilapathiKaaram(one of the Tamil epics) means Silambu+Athi+Kaaram (Anklet+Original(First)+Usefull) athikaaram in Tamil refers to something thats original(First) and usefull.

Kaarthikai: Tamil month name, Kaar+Thikai means Support + Condition + Possession” referring to the favorable condition that is the rainy season.

Kaan – To see (Kaa+n=Gain +cannot/Unknown+receive) The root is to safe guard from, கண் காணி

KaapIyam: Kaappu means protect,Kaappu=Gain + Unknown + more with

விட்டு விடாமல் பிடித்து வைத்திருப்பது காப்பு, think about the English word Cap, Cuff etc.. all related to this.

“Ennai Kaapaatra yaarum illai” means theres no one to help me. Kaapu also means bangles,threads, cuffs  around the wrist. Initialy people started wearing these things, thinking that it will HELP them, its a kind of ritualistic practice that HELPS in increasing peoples confidence to do some tasks. Valai kaapu is a similar practice done to pregnant women, to  help them in gaining confidence to face their first child birth.

TholKaapiyam(Ancient Guide/Help), the Tamil’s grammer Guide or Help. Literally it could mean, “That which protects the old/previous”

Kaathali : Lover : means the women a man protects/supports/loves, “Naan unnai kathalikinren” should actually mean, I would like to be your protector :).  Kaathai, Kaathu(ear which also supports us),  Kaaval: Protect, Kavalan-Protector.

Its clear  the prefix “Kaa” and its inner meaning.  will see some more words,

Kaamam :  That which we cannot overcome.

Now we get the clear understanding of the words that starts with “Kaa“,  and the root meaning should be cannot overcome or cannot be gained. கவர விடாமல்



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