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The word Theivam (Deva) in Tamil, an analysis

August 10, 2011

We will see more about this word “Theivam” , nowadays it refers to God but in early literature it does not represent a single entity or person, but the natural forces that supports or guides human, Our Kural says “Even if the Theivams cant help you, hard working will surely give its own truthful merits”

We will see the split of the word…

th+e+ y+v+a+m = Having things +Which is  easy + to find out + comes here.

in Tamil its த்+எ+ய்+வ்+அ+ம் = வைத்திருப்பது + எளிதாக +  கண்டுபிடிக்க + வருவது .

so the word  means, “Those which comes(va) to makes things easy(Dei)”  so Theivams are forces that helps us achieve, helps us understand etc…

In Tamil we can say. தெளிவுபடுத்த வருபவை .

If we use “DE” instead of “De” , in Tamil it means the opposite meaning, “Those which makes things difficult to come” .

Now we will see other words in Tamil that starts with De(தெ) and DE(தே) so we get a clear idea.

Thenral: Breaze(Easy coming)

Thennai : Coconut tree (Easy to see what it has?)

Theru: Street (Makes easy for us to approach inside)

Thelliya: Well understood.

Theriya: Visible

Now the Long sounded “DE”

ThEn: Honey (Difficult for us to take)

ThEnKaai: Coconut(Difficult to break open)

ThEl: Scorpion (Difficult to keep with us)

ThEi: To Scrub to become small/To become invisible

ThEdu: Search

ThEkku: Teak (Difficult to Cut inside)

Its clear from the words that De and DE are opposite in meaning.. where “De” is Having things which are easy and DE having things which are difficult.

Sanskrit word Deva,

I don’t know whether the correct pronunciation is DEva or Deva, Since we have  seen in Tamil the short and long sounds mostly give opposite meanings and whether its applicable to Sanskrit.

This word Deva  is an universal word found to be used in India, Persia and even in Europe, interesting thing is in Sanskrit it was used to refer some  good forces or Gods and in Avesta the Iranian language the  word (Daeva, Daēuua) is used to refer some evil forces.

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  1. DEva comes from div= shine in Sanskrit. Gods shine.

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